With the cost of some hearing devices reaching as high as $7000 a pair, patients often ask, “What’s wrong with the less expensive ones?”

The answer is nothing. Budget hearing devices that go for a fraction of that price could be perfect for you. The best way to find out which is best for your hearing needs is to partner with an audiologist who understands the art and science of selecting and fitting hearing devices.

Today’s advanced technology can offer hearing devices with more features, but those features also add to the cost.

More is not necessarily better.

Whether you need all those features depends on your lifestyle. For example, if you have an active lifestyle (including spending time in noisy environments), and you want a hearing aid that can automatically adapt to your various situations, then more advanced technology is probably your best bet. But if you live a quiet lifestyle and don’t mind making manual adjustments, a less expensive hearing device might be perfect for you.

An audiologist can help you decide.

Experienced audiologists combine the science of technology with the art of selection and fitting to help you choose the hearing devices that fit you, your lifestyle, your level of hearing loss and your budget.

To have your hearing evaluated and discuss the best treatment options for you please call Arizona Hearing Specialists at 520.448.2895 to schedule an appointment.

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