Socializing with friends and loved ones during the holiday season can be as important to your overall health as the leafy greens on your Thanksgiving dinner plate. If you suffer from hearing loss, however, being a part of the conversation at a family gathering can be a real struggle and even lead to misunderstanding key information. Here are some tips to help ensure you’re fully engaged in every memorable moment:

• Schedule a clean-and-check with Arizona Hearing Specialists before the party date.

• Give your family and friends tips on how best to communicate with you, like maintaining eye contact, and speaking slowly and clearly.

• If you’re having trouble conversing in a crowded or noisy room, ask to move the conversation to a quieter spot.

• Politely request that music be turned down or off during mealtime so that you won’t have to contend with the additional background noise.

• If possible, select a seat at the table where you can see the other guests’ faces well. Reading lips helps when several conversations are happening at once.

• Wear your hearing devices confidently. The stigma that once occurred is long gone.

Don’t miss out on the best part of the holidays—spending quality time with family and friends. Address your hearing concerns now, before the holiday celebrations are well underway.

If you have untreated hearing loss, or are experiencing problems with your hearing devices, schedule an appointment with the doctors of audiology at Arizona Hearing Specialists: 520-448-2895

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