Tellers of Tales redux coming up

Bette Mulley, at left, and JoAnn Herbst are working to bring back the local Tellers of Tales storytelling events.

Once upon a time in a place called Green Valley … a monthly storytelling session ran from October through March. Residents would share personal, happy or sad, funny, surprising or serious stories before an audience and other storytellers for the sheer pleasure of storytelling.

This Tellers of Tales program was begun before 1998 by Dinghy Sharp, but it stopped a few years ago after four members passed away.

Bette Mulley and JoAnn Herbst are aiming to resurrect the program and will have their premiere storytelling event at the Joyner-Green Valley Library on Wednesday, March 20, at 1 p.m.

The goal: to gauge if there's an interest in revitalizing the group that offers residents an opportunity to join in storytelling at the library and throughout the Green Valley community monthly, Mulley said.

“Storytelling is the means ancient people used to hand down history, family stories and to entertain. Kings hired storytellers to recount and embellish their deeds. Native Americans used storytelling to teach and recount their migrations,” Mulley explained.

“Before the written word, this was the only means of communication. Telling stories is an age-old art that not only entertains, but tells bits of wisdom and educates the young.”

Participants can share funny, adventurous, entertaining or serious stories that run from three minutes to 10 minutes.

Six Tellers of Tales — Deb Alstock, Nancy Ekstrum, JoAnn Herbst, Cal Lambert, Bette Mulley and Kären Webster — will share amusing life stories poetically, musically and perhaps with a bit of fantasy at the Joyner-Green Valley Library on March 20.

Webster, who volunteers at the Library Bookstore, GVR Valley Players, and The Animal League of Green Valley, has also joined Tellers of Tales.

“Telling stories is a new, exciting venture delving into past memories, most of which I can share. It gives me one more chance to be the ham I yam,” she said.

Attend and be entertained, or come and decide if you would like to tell a story at a future event.

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