June 7 is Chocolate Ice Cream Day, giving chocolate aficionados the perfect reason to delve into a deep dish of their favorite brand of this delicious chilly treat.

This month is also blessed with several other sweet and savory treat days!

• June 11 is officially Corn on the Cob Day and is for everyone who doesn’t care how they look while chomping on a cob of corn. Peel off the green husks and the corn silk, then boil or barbecue the cobs, cover them in butter and salt, and crunch away.

• June 20 is Ice Cream Soda Day, a smooth and satisfying treat invented in 1874 by Robert McCay Green in Philadelphia. As his story goes, while making his usual soda he ran out of ice and used the closest cold edible on hand — ice cream.

Green apparently created a winner because ice cream sodas have remained a popular summer treat around the world. In the United Kingdom — and also locally at Posada Java — these cold, creamy treats are known as “floats.”

Try a root beer float with vanilla ice cream or a coke float with chocolate ice cream. Mmmmm good!

• June 22 is Chocolate Éclair Day, which honors the soft and creamy French pastry delight.

In French, éclair means “flash of lightning,” and the name was given to this confection because it’s eaten in a flash. Made with choux pastry, French bakers and others worldwide fill the pastry with cream, then top it with chocolate for a few bites of a soft, sweet treat.

• June 26 is Chocolate Pudding Day made famous in 1903 by Mary Harris Frazer, who included a recipe in her “Kentucky Receipt Book.”

Make it from scratch, make it from a prepared box mix or buy it ready-made, chocolate pudding is delicious in a cup or cream pie.

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