Pima County

Pima County has laid out its plan to fire more than 400 employees who work with “vulnerable populations” and are not vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a Dec. 7 memo — the date of the next Board of Supervisors meeting — Chief Deputy County Administrator Jan Lesher said 80 percent of the 2,168 employees who work with vulnerable people had been vaccinated as of Nov. 18; 427 were not vaccinated.

That number includes 52 employees who have requested medical or religious exemptions and who might be eligible for jobs not working with vulnerable groups.

The Board of Supervisors on Nov. 2 approved a plan to require vaccinations by Dec. 31 for employees who work with vulnerable populations. That includes those in detention facilities, nursing homes/assisted living or who provide in-person, regular services to children or the elderly.

The county will use a formal process to fire 414 classified employees using Merit System Rule 11, which allows termination if an employee fails to meet certain qualifications including “maintain licensing, certification or other requirements for the position.” The process requires a letter and a meeting.

The remaining 13 are at-will employees who can be terminated without a formal process.

Lesher directed staff to draft Notices of Intent to Involuntarily Terminate by Dec. 20.

That numbers don't include court personnel awaiting a Supreme Court determination on mandates and requirements that apply to the courts.

Dan Shearer | 520-547-9770

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