The GVR Board of Directors met in closed session to discuss personnel matters related to CEO Kent Blumenthal. Outside the West Center, 16 Blumenthal supporters walk out after the meeting began. 

The GVR Board of Directors met in closed session Wednesday to discuss CEO Kent Blumenthal.

The executive session came a week after a strongly worded statement by Blumenthal at a board meeting in response to criticism by President Charles Sieck about surpluses and deficits in the Green Valley Recreation budget.

Sixteen GVR members, some holding signs in support of Blumenthal, lined the small hallway outside the entrance to the meeting room as directors filed in. Some heckled the board, and the remained until the meeting started.

Blumenthal told the Green Valley News that as an ex-officio on the board, he asked to be in the meeting. He said he was denied access because the board intended to discuss personnel matters related to his position. The board can take a vote during a closed executive session with a simple majority rule to take action, Blumenthal said.

Board members are not legally allowed to disclose what is discussed in executive session.

With all board members present except Denise Nichols, Sieck called the meeting to order and instructed anyone who wasn't a director to leave.

Outside the West Center, GVR member Steve Gilbert said the board has always intended to fire Blumenthal. Fellow supporter Helen Russo, who stood and yelled at the board after Blumenthal's statement at the Oct. 30 meeting, also said the board is intent on removing the CEO.

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