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2022 AZ19 Most Influential People Tickets, NOW AVAILABLE

The Green Valley News, Sahuarita Sun and Nogales International are very excited to bring our AZ19 Most Influential People event this year.


In 2018 Ismael (Smiley) Valle was diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Prostate Cancer. To support their ongoing treatment, they are asking for donations for a chance to win a shower remodel.

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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In-person voting looked a little different this year with Pima County’s debut of electronic poll books and voting centers, but county officials indicated Tuesday that things were running smoothly.

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Here are the latest conversations happening on NABUR, our free online forum where you can connect with your community, focus on facts & make a difference.​

The Green Valley News has some exciting travel plans for this year, in partnership with Premier World Discovery, a company that shepherds some 10,000 travelers each year to locations across the globe! Let your imagination wander as you consider traveling to four great locales in 2022. All the hard parts (selecting and booking the best air travel, hotels, and restaurants) are done for you. Enjoy journeying with travel buffs who know the best of the best.

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Bringing your family together for a meal that tastes like summer is what the season is all about. If you're spending an evening firing up the grill, flipping on the oven, forming a homemade salad or anything in-between, the time spent together enjoying warm weather flavors is what everyone t…

Heading outdoors for a fresh, homemade meal is an alluring activity when warm weather and sunshine provide a perfect opportunity for dining on the patio. Or, if some time away from the house is calling your name, packing a lunch and taking off for the park can be an ideal getaway without get…

From picnics and family reunions to al fresco meals on the patio, flavor and freshness can make springtime dishes truly mouthwatering. As you plan your spring menu for time with loved ones, think outside the box with recipes that can feed a crowd.

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