Thank goodness the vast sums of money spent to buy votes have been squandered with little if any results. Not only Mitt Romney but also Karl Rove and his minions have been left holding the bag. Their espousal of anti-women, anti-Social Security and anti-Medicare issues have fallen on deaf ears and been repudiated by the nation as a whole. With a majority of white voters casting ballots for Romney, one underlying factor in this election emits an offensive odor of race prejudice.

The electorate as a whole wasn’t impressed by a flawed candidate such as Romney, and fortunately the minorities and women got it right and voted for principle over ethnicity. Mitch McConnell and others now have to eat their words that “Obama would be a one-term president,” and history will prove them and the Republican party wrong in their intransigence and condemnation of Barack Obama.

Hoorah for democracy! This presidential election was a peaceful revolution, and we’re fortunate that the people cannot be fooled.

Nancy Weller Dorian, Green Valley