My brother and his family live in Eugene, Ore., about an hour north of Roseburg. When he heard about the shooting at Umpqua Community College he immediately got into his SUV with his service dog, Miss Daisy, and headed south to the hospital in Roseburg. Miss Daisy is a well-trained golden retriever.

While every teacher is special, as a parent, music teachers hold a special place in my heart.

So much for taking in eight new additions to prevent raising member dues (“GVR budget sees dues hike,” Page A1, Sept. 30). That has worked really well for us (the members).

I think Mr. Cliff Peterson means anthropogenic rather than anthropological in his letter (“No evidence,” Sept. 30). The latter word refers to the study of humans; the former refers to the ways in which humans have affected the planet. Oddly, in Southern Arizona we seem to be getting the bett…

The “Opinion extra” September 30 about how low-dose radiation is not harmful must have been tough going for folks who are not well versed in the ins-and-outs of “radiation politics” (“When scientists fail at science,” Page A7).

My wife and I recently took advantage of the new Nurse Practitioner Program offered by the Green Valley Fire District with outstanding results!

On Sept. 30, Cliff Peterson wrote in his letter, “No Evidence,” that “evidence will only be registered by those willing to see the truth.” The content of his letter lived up to its title, namely, providing little evidence in support of the claim that there is no anthropological cause associa…

Michael Nagle’s letter (“Bad cartoon”) opened with, “I am generally not surprised by insipid and ignorant remarks about climate change from conservatives.”

I urge you to vote for Proposition 429.7 (under Public Health, Welfare, Safety, Neighborhoods and Housing) in the Nov. 3 Pima County bond election. Why? Unfortunately, many in our extended community can’t afford the food they need to feed their families. Fortunately, many sites around Southe…

Bravo to Bern Zovistoski of Sahuarita for his Sunday letter “Problem solved” about the roundabout. Many times the simplest solution is the best. His suggestion should be given serious consideration. What is wrong with saving tax payers money?

I am generally not surprised by insipid and ignorant remarks about climate change from conservatives. But the cartoon on Wednesday’s Green Valley News Opinion Page was egregiously obnoxious. It depicts the pope (who looks suspiciously like President Obama dressed up like a cleric) referring …

How about a no-cost, ready-made solution to the rush-hour traffic problem at Continental and Whitehouse Canyon roads?

The Sahuarita Food Bank is a godsend to this community. I have been volunteering there for a short time and have found it to be a wonderful organization. It’s very rewarding to see what they do for our community.

The Aquabelles celebrated 50 years last weekend by performing three nights for the public at the East Center pool. I attended the last night with two friends and it was a lovely evening. These swimmers are amazing — even five fellas did a short, humorous swim, too.

Congratulations to the teacher at Continental School who created a Cursive Writing Club! Shame on Dianne Alexander Meyer for supporting free community college.

As a climate-change denier, Mary Lou James is somehow unaware that yes, Virginia, the climate does change, has been doing so for millennia, and will no doubt continue to do so (“We’re wasting time,” Sept. 20).

There is statement in most world religions that calls us to care for those in need!

It was with mixed emotions that I read of the resignation of Sandi Richey as executive director of the Green Valley Council. She will be sorely missed but will now have the time, together with her husband, Rich, to “smell the roses” to a greater degree.

  • By Paul V. Chaffee

Isn’t it wonderful to live in a country where we have the freedom to express ourselves and where there is freedom of religion and freedom from religion despite the continuing efforts of segments of the “Christian” community to change our democracy to a theocracy.

  • By Veneranda Aguirre

Everyone in our community wants to know how to revitalize Nogales and bring more business to Arizona in general. As a commercial attorney and commercial real estate agent myself, I have heard this concern echoed throughout the state. How do we make Arizona competitive to other markets? At a …

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