Five of the 12 members of Green Valley Recreation's board of directors resigned abruptly on Wednesday, including president Linda Sparks, who confirmed the news mid-afternoon.

They also include Joyce Bulau, who served as secretary; treasurer Mike Banks, a relative newcomer to the board; Doug Fitz, who was recently appointed as chair of a committee tasked to coordinate the search for a new director; and Russ Carpenter, a retired attorney who helped advise the board from a legal perspective.

No reasons were immediately given. Word of the resignations was emailed to the board and GVR staff, Bulau said.

Sparks and Bulau each told the Green Valley News they resigned on their own and that their decision was not group-driven.

Bulau said she hadn't spoken with Fitz since Tuesday's Planning & Evaluation Committee meeting, which she chaired, and wasn't aware he'd also resigned until Wednesday afternoon. Nor did she communicate with others on the board, she said. She cited "personal reasons" for her decision, adding only that "I would say an accumulation of lack of support."

Sparks, who sat on all five of the board's standing committees as an ex-officio member, said she'd informed DHR International, the search firm recently contracted to help find a new executive director, that three on the GVR's search committee were out. She said her reasons were personal as well.

Bulau said she'd reached her limit of being able to withstand the lack of professionalism but declined to say on whose part. She did not fault staff for her decision, calling them "phenomenal" and saying they've "done a terrific job."

"I'm feeling a weight lifted off and am sorry to leave," Bulau said. "I worked toward the betterment of GVR and only had GVR's best interests."

Neither characterized herself as a quitter.

"I've never quit anything, there isn't a job I didn't complete, not on an HOA board, and I've served on four or five," Bulau said.

Sparks said she feels she did some good serving on the board, and helped bring Bulau, Fitz, Carpenter and indirectly Ron Sills to serve on the board.

"These were quality people who worked hard."

Still a general member of GVR, she said she's now "going to do all I haven't been able to do for the last five years I've been committed to GVR, in the clay studio, camera club, I may learn mah-jongg, even woodworking."  

She said she's leaving finger-pointing to what she called "the other side."