Gas is going to cost you 10 cents more per gallon at the Sahuarita Safeway on Duval Mine Road if you use your credit card. Debit card users and cash customers are not affected by the new charge.

The 10 cents charge for credit card purchases went into effect Tuesday.

“This pricing structure is being rolled out in multiple geographic areas,” said Nancy Keane, Safeway’s director of public affairs and government relations. More than 400 Safeway stores have gas stations.

“There is signage at the fuel station showing the credit and cash prices,” Keane said. “The price indicated on the pump is the higher credit card price, but the price drops by 10 cents when the customer swipes a debit card or pays with cash.”

Shawn Marquez, director of compliance programs at the Arizona Department of Weights and Measures, said they have not received complaints about Safeway’s new gas pricing in Sahuarita.

“This is not new. There are a lot of stations taking a huge hit from credit card companies and they are passing that charge on to the consumer,” Marquez said. “As long as the company is posting the prices for the customers then they are fulfilling their legal obligation.”

Keane acknowledged that the higher credit price “reflects the rising cost of credit transactions. However, we are committed to keep our gas prices competitive across all methods of payment.”

A poll of every other local service station in Green Valley and Sahuarita showed they charge the same price per gallon regardless of payment method.